Project Name: Dem Karakoy 
Client: Dem Istanbul  Project Starting Date: 2013  Completion Date: 2013  Construction Area: 100m²  Location: Karakoy, Istanbul 

"Dem opened its first specialist tea cafe and shop in the rejuvenated neighborhood of Karaköy in 2013. Its now-closed sister branch in Bebek opened shortly after in 2014. In early 2017, Dem Moda opened for residents of the hip neighborhood to enjoy. This modern and friendly cafe boasts a comfortable and calming atmosphere, and the space has a relaxed homey feel with attractive, quirky tea paraphernalia and photos on the walls and shelves, warm wood tones, and cushioned window seats that are perfect for lounging. Outside, there are olive-green cafe-style tables and chairs under the canopy and on the pedestrianized street."*

* from The Guide Istanbul website


Design Team: Cem Yücel, Pelin Serin Project Team: Gökçen Acar Execution: MArS-Architects