Project Name: Millstone Cave Suites 
Client: Aska Ltd.  Project Starting Date: 2012  Completion Date: 2015  Construction Area: 715m²  Location: Uchisar, Cappadocia 

Located in a partially abandoned area of historic Uçhisar town, the project site includes small old houses and spaces carved in rock, all damaged. The existing stone structures and carved spaces are restored; new ones added, all organized around a central courtyard space.


Design Team: Atilla Yücel, Cem Yücel Project Team: Gökçen Acar, Beril Sezen, Tanya Singh Structural Engineer: Niyazi Parlar Mechanical Engineer: Taner Kocaova Electrical Engineer: Halis Gökdoğan Photography: Cemal Emden, Millstone Cave Suites