Project Name: Tomtom Suites 
Client: Fehmi Yazıcıoğlu  Project Starting Date: 2004  Completion Date: 2008  Construction Area: 2.500m²  Location: Galata, Istanbul 

Tomtom Suites is an authentic Istanbul building whose posture reflects the social history of Pera from the 1850s to recent. Throughout history, this building was home for French nuns and some well-known Levantine families.

A witness to the last century of the Ottoman Empire’s capital city, Tomtom Suites’ story goes back to the 1850s. The building seen today was built in 1901 as the Soeurs Garde-Malades Apartment, where there had once been an outbuilding of the French Palace, reserved for the Franciscan nuns. After the years of occupancy, following the departure of the Levantines and Greek families, who used to be the residents of the apartment until the end of the 1920s, the structure faced destruction for many years to come, due to changing hands and neglect.

When the neighborhood went through a major renovation at the beginning of the 2000s and thus became the city's cultural, artistic, entertainment and gourmet center. The building, as a result of the careful restoration faithful to its authenticity, obtained its fascinating appearance. Tomtom Suites opens its doors on a silent street of the city's most appealing area, and is more of a life style than a hotel.


Design Team: Atilla Yücel, Cem Yücel Project Team: Levent Fırat, Elif Kılıç, Evren Şerbetçi