Project Name: Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge 
Client: Neon Tours / Kormes Ltd.  Project Starting Date: 2011  Completion Date: 2015  Construction Area: 835m²  Location: Uchisar, Cappadocia 

The small luxury boutique hotel is located in an exceptional site in the small historic town of Uçhisar. The site dominates a rich Cappadocia panorama. It consists of a pattern including existing small scale stone buildings and spaces carved in the local tuff stone, all integrated to new added structures. The combination articulates existing and new blocks and spaces, traditional and contemporary expressions.


Design Team: Atilla Yücel, Cem Yücel Project Team: Burçin Baykurt, Beril Sezen Structural Engineer: Alparslan Çevik Mechanical Engineer: Atek Mühendislik Electrical Engineer: A1 Mühendislik Photography: Cemal Emden, Ariana Lodge, MArS-Mimarlar